Campground Rules

Quiet Hours & Radios

No Loud Noises 9 PM to 8 AM
No Radios 9 PM to 8 AM

Campsites & Campfires

Keep fires low and small.
All CAMPFIRES must be out by 11PM.
(per our annual CalFire Permit)
Do Not move fire rings or picnic tables.
Firewood is for sale at the office.
(No wood gathering… do not cross the fences to gather wood from the adjoining property.)

Fishing Pond Rules

Daily Limits:
Catch & Release Only!!!

No night Fishing
No boating, swimming, or inner tubes.
NO THROWING of any objects into the pond
Children under the age of 12 years are NOT
Allowed near the lake without adult supervision.

Vehicle Use

No motor driven cycles will be ridden inside the park unless entering or exiting from the main road.
Park Speed Limit: 10 MPH
Watch for children!


Pets must be on a 6 foot or shorter leash at ALL TIMES! (This is a State Law!)
Noisy pets are cause for eviction.
Carry plastic bags and pooper scooper…pick it up!

Firearms and Weapons

Absolutely NO firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on Pinezanita property.

Help Keep Our Park Clean

Please help keep our park clean and beautiful by placing all your trash in the dumpster stations